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Liquidity provision service

Constant work on liquidity development ensures normalization and support of the following metrics. Only liquid tokens are able to easily overcome all the obstacles on the path of liquidity and, as the result, earn the trust of crypto exchanges and investors

Path of liquidity

Each project has its unique idea and way of development. Nonetheless, all projects have standard features allowing us to specify the growth stage. The development indicators let us determine your project’s condition and prepare the custom liquidity management strategy



Next, come the technical implementation and marketing activities in line with the tokenomics and company strategy. All this makes real conveying the project value to the audience, winning the users’ hearts, and finally, getting the first deals on the market



The appearance of the project ticker in the exchange market and the trading start. The most crucial stage for any token that plans to succeed and become liquid since there is no chance for development in illiquid projects. At this stage, nothing will happen without marketing and market-making services



The stage of liquidity stabilization, trends of trading, and building of the core community of the token. At this stage, retaining and multiplying the preliminary results, increasing liquidity, and tightening the connections with the core community are essential



This stage opens new horizons such as expanding on well-known crypto platforms and scaling the project's previous success. Liquidity becomes a source of capitalization

Market Health

Our liquidity provision program creates and maintains market stability by ensuring constant order updates and distributed liquidity provision, resulting in a healthy and expected result on the trade collateral

  • Providing and maintaining a constant number of orders after integration into a cryptocurrency exchange

  • Depth of Market (DoM) should be within 300-400 constantly open orders or more

  • High-quality monitoring, analysis of order book, and instant regulation according to the market changes

  • Regular improvement of liquidity depth in order books

Market Health

Main steps


Analysis of the tokenomics and collecting data on the current token state, and market condition for developing the project strategy


Calculation of the risks and initial liquidity of the token


Setting up algorithms that will provide the planned results


Filling the order book, balancing, and increasing the number of orders according to the created strategy


Daily reports on your trading activity and market conditions from a liquidity expert


Strategy correction according to the market conditions and the new inputs that liquidity expert gathers and introduces


The final presentation of the liquidity and the project state results, key indicators, and conclusions. Preparation of the strategy for the following stages of token liquidity provision


Launch of the next stage

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