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Market Making
Market making is a highly effective tool for creating project's developing conditions, supply & demand and stimulating the growth of its audience and trading volume.
Full-fledged market making development strategies of the project, as well as strategies for achieving project's goals at a certain stage of its development.
Concept of creating a token of the project as well as determination of the value, scalability, ability to withstand inflation and viability on the markets.
Custom marketing solutions for synchronizing a promotional campaign with trading activities for the successful development of the project.
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Discover Our Services: Market Making
Market Making purpose
We create a wide variety of trade and marketing activities to increase project’s value and investment attraction, reduce barriers and facilitate entering new markets. We simplify and enable an opportunity to buy & sell tokens for traders and investors and provide liquidity maintenance for the project on the crypto market.
84% of businesses today say they want to make investments steps based on accurate, timely and in-depth market data to grow crypto investments.
Liquid Lines
Market Making challenges
Price Stabilization
We create conditions for elimination of price and income instability and reduce the risks faced by clients. Also, our Market Makers team makes steps to raise current prices associated with a particular goal that the client sets for the team in advance.
Trading Volume
As a technology-driven team, we solve the trading challenges of our clients in any given market at any time. We create attractive market conditions to increase trading volume using automatization, Machine Learning and human capital.
Market Making challenges
  • Liquidity
  • Trading Volume
  • Price Stabilization
Market Making challenges
Managing high liquidity is where our expertise comes from. Having long-term operation experience in the crypto exchange market we introduce proven time-tested strategies to react efficiently to high volatility price spikes. About 90% of our trading algorithms are dedicated to optimizing the health of the market (free float, spread, volatility, etc.)
Our team experience
Providing a full set of market making solutions at the entire market-life-cycle of the project, we maintain the liquidity, trading volume and proper chart patterns to meet project’s goals and demands.
Experience on crypto market
Team traders experience
Currently working with
Our Mission
We implement a ‘best of breed’ full stack trade management cycle for crypto projects with a focus on optimizing operational efficiencies to deliver sustainable profit and pressure on the investment portfolio’s absolute returns.
Liquid Lines
Why is Liquid Lines the best market making option?
We create an attractive trading environment for the projects, focusing on sustainable profit.
Human service
We focus the efforts on custom solutions for clients. The projects are executed by professional crypto traders using the best algorithmic tools in the crypto market.
Proven expertise
11+ years Team proven experience in stock markets and 4+ years in crypto sphere.
Trading support in a round-the-clock format.
Individual approach
Dedicated team implements proven market strategies, adjusted to projects’ goals.
Provide clear and understandable reports for making effective decisions.
Highly effective trading algorithms allows instantly detect sharp fluctuations in the market and minimize risks for the project.
Frequently Asked Questions
How to launch a successful project?
At the very beginning, it's important to determine the project's goals, assess the risks and evaluate investments. It is important to define the target audience, connect the marketing team, carefully approach the choice of listing platform and find an experienced team that can implement or advise during the implementation of the market making plan.
Who is the Market Making team?
To provide a full cycle of trade-marketing activities, the Market Makers team should consist of: market experts, helping with tokenomics development and strategy creation; developers, maintaining the bots and automated trading tools; traders, creating an attractive trading environment and account manager, assisting with daily routine and reports.
What kind of tasks does Market Making solve?
Market Making facilitates introduction of go-to-market strategies for new projects and for the projects experienced on market. Trading specialists perform tasks related to token development on trades - maintaining liquidity, trading volume, adjusting various candlestick and chart patterns, making income on trading, and other specific tasks that a project may have.
What does the creation of an MM strategy include?
The creation of an MM strategy begins with the project analysis, its goals, and development plans. Tokenomics, the current market situation, and general trends in the crypto area are also taken into account. The strategy also takes into account the project's plans for entering the exchanges, both DEX and CEX, the risks and required investments are calculated. Market analysts and traders participate in the creation of a strategy, who will further work with the project in order to be aware of all the details of the project already at the stage of creation. As a result, the strategy is presented to the client, if necessary, adjustments may be made. The strategy can be implemented both with the team that created it, and with a third-party team.
What performance indicators should the client pay attention to?
The basic indicators for assessing the effectiveness of the project are as follows: the required trading volume, spread, and token/ coin liquidity.
How to calculate the budget for a market making service?
Investments for the market making service depend on the goals of the project. If the client needs to generate volume only, a minimum deposit is required. If we are talking about project development and the growth of organic liquidity, investments are calculated for each project separately. Liquid Line team calculates and presents future investments at the start, and also pledges risk costs in case of significant fluctuations in the market.
What marketing activities help in the project’s development along with market making service?
An active community is one of the key success factors for a project in the crypto market. At the very beginning, the project should create a marketing plan and select the channels from which users will be attracted. The options with proven effectiveness at the moment are: reviews from influencers, both YouTube and Telegram, promotions in online crypto media and the telegram channels, banner ads, etc. It is necessary to create open communication with the project’s audience and provide users with the most detailed information about updates, releases, and future plans.
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