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Role of Marketing
Marketing plays a significant role in the success of a project. It is important not only to create a concept, develop a product and bring it to market. It is necessary to declare correctly and in time about yourself for future users and potential investors, so that the project increases popularity and gains its audience.
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Effective marketing tools in crypto
Promo in online media
Press releases and project reviews on trustful media resources help to familiarize the crypto audience with the project, saturate the info field with project news.
Banner ads in
online media
Online media is read by most crypto users in order not to miss ‘that’ moment. Banner advertising helps to remember and stand out from other projects and publications.
Promo in Telegram media
Telegram media channels may compete with well-known online crypto media and work well for the brand awareness among crypto users.
Promo with YouTube influencers
Micro influencers with live audience may help to grow own strong project's community.
It’s important to inform promptly and correctly projects’ community about all news, releases, collaborations, etc. Open communication fosters a relationship of trust between the project and users, and thus develops loyalty and commitment to the ideas and goals of the project.
Community growth
Engaged and active community members participate in gamifications, become brand ambassadors, spread info about the project, become holders and token traders. Telegram and Twitter communities are the fastest and the easiest way of communication with the community.
Hidden marketing
Spreading of information about the project in the form of comments, posts, etc. encourages users to pay attention to the project, and through indirect advertising to become interested in studying the project.
Role of Community
Market making makes the project attractive to market participants. At the same time, it is important that the crypto audience learns about the project in principle. In a rapidly growing sphere, each project competes for the users and investor attention with a huge number of newly created projects.
No matter how correctly the tokenomics and strategy are built and the market making service is correctly executed, the project can not develop without participants. It is a marketing role to involve a new community.
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TOP Marketing Channels in Crypto
There are myriads of ways marketers use to attract customers. At the moment, not all of them work for the crypto sphere due to restrictions on media platforms, paid advertising tools, etc.
Marketing in crypto is notable for its high speed, like the crypto sphere itself, proximity to the user through Twitter and Telegram channels, wide audience coverage and rapidly changing trends.
TOP 3 marketing channels
to drive token sales
  • YouTube Influencers
  • Telegram Media Channels
  • Banner Ads
TOP 3 marketing channels
Internal exchanges’ marketing tools
To become interesting for users and to attract exchange traders to trading with a token, the project is recommended to launch a promotional campaign that will set it apart from other projects.
The purpose of the campaign is to attract users and stimulate organic trading while the market making team creates initial liquidity and support for the trading.
Gamifications (including trading competitions, referral games, earning and staking services etc.) are excellent tools to attract exchange's users. Providing competitions with the rewards may create initial token holders and traders community of the project within exchange.
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